Clown World 15

Scandza Forum, Copenhagen 2019

Six Colombians convicted of million theft of hospital equipment

Four Romanians arrested for burglaries committed throughout West Denmark

19-year-old male – from Congo and residing in the Netherlands was caught with three kilograms of ecstasy and 1 ½ kg of amphetamine at the Danish-German border.

Judgment in case of prisoner escape

Khat and doping agents found in bus from Germany


Security Police Functionary Lies in Attempt to Criminalize Nordic Resistance Movement

Google Engineer Leaks Nearly 1,000 Pages of Internal Documents of Bias, Censorship

“Holocaust” Survivor’s Daughter “Shocked and Horrified” by “Nazi Display” at Town Centre Shop.

Sheffield Halloween Store has Gestapo Officer Costume on Sale

Men In Dresses Keep Breaking Women Sport Records

The Birth Control Pill is also a Mind Control Pill

Understanding the globalist climate-activists

Blame the white man!

Blame the white man, again!

Wombat Day

The Tree Tier List #TeamTrees

Proud Boys Sentenced FOUR YEARS for Self Defense Against Antifa

Prez Trump? Why The Continuation Of Lawlessness? Martial Law?

Miami Is Now a Literal Sh*thole Thanks To Democrats

Will Arizona Go BLUE?

Trump Calls Obama Treasonous & Activates Criminal Investigation

What if Brexit leads to a Civil war? Scotland and N. Ireland fight for independence

Remain Protesters are Absolute Morons


Erdogan’s Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons.

Russian military arriving in Mozambique: Russian Air force landing in South Africa tomorrow.

The Man Who Saved Europe




4chan’s Spooky Halloween: IOTBW Rises Again

Economics / Frugality’s

Arab Brutally Kills His Wife with an Axe on the Street

National Socialist Air Raid Bunker to Be Turned into Luxury Hotel in Hamburg

German Paratroopers’ Last Drop – Operation Stösser, Ardennes 1944

Luftwaffe – Operation Bodenplatte 1945

Why France was defeated in 6 Weeks?

German World War II aces. The greatest airmen the world have ever seen!

Tarnewitz test site

The Leonidas Squadron

What Happened to the Old German Flag?

NPC University Afterthoughts

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