1. Seax · October 30, 2019

    You know, as a discerning racist, I have met okay blacks. I don’t hate them, and I wish them well (inasmuch as they keep to their own communities.) I’ve never had a black friend, but I’ve met friendlies.

    But this LTBBQ shitshow has no place in civilised society. Their whole existence is predicated on being as offensive as humanly possible. God(s)! The fact that we even tolerate this nonsense makes my skin crawl.

    Nature, my foot!

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    • vikinglifeblog · October 30, 2019

      It’s not like I use my energy hating blacks and other non-Germanic people, either. I just want them to go home.

      “Their whole existence is predicated on being as offensive as humanly possible.”

      You are absolutely right. That’s what we use to say about “art”, putting goldfish in blenders, turds on a wall (or something), ect. and now this. It would never had been accepted, only a couple of decades ago.

      We generally see (((them))) being succesful at degenerating countries like USA, UK, and Sweden, and then countries like Denmark will follow maybe a decade after. This could be anything from consequences from open borders to Danes getting fat like people do in UK and USA.
      Clown World!

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      • Seax · October 30, 2019

        Fat Danes, eh? Olaf Big-Boneson?

        Entartete Kunst, I believe. Stunning, really. When I was in High School (((Piss Christ))) happened. So did the Virgin Mary out of cow dung. It took a few years until someone taught me to look for cohencidences.

        As far as the hate question goes, it’s the same. I don’t really hate anyone other than White race traitors. Everybody else is just doing as their nature compels them to do.

        Hate drains you and makes you weak, drives you mad. No good.

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    • vikinglifeblog · October 30, 2019

      I see your Danish vocabulary is growing. Very good.

      I agree, about hate and negative energy. We leave that to them.

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