Tactical Southern Mainerism

The Sperg Box

Every State in the Union, I’m sure, still produces a definable trait in those Sons and Daughters lucky enough to sidestep the Globalist parasite. I’ve been lucky. In my travels and in my function as a dissident I’ve had the unmitigated pleasure of working alongside some of the finest Sons of the Northeast. Each man is proud of his State, except for Massachusetts. And each of these States sends her Sons with a frame of mind.

Of course, I am a Mainer. I hold no ill will against any of the States, not even Massachusetts. I’m comfortable in all of New England, although I’ll tell no lie; I find no comfort in these United States anywhere outside Maine, the hills of New Hampshire, the coastal villages of Massachusetts, and the fields of Vermont. As to Rhode Island and Connecticut? I’ve yet to grace my palette with a visit to those…

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