42-year-old Iraqi male is sentenced to one year and nine months imprisonment for a number of store theft and for money counterfeiting.

File:Flag of Iraq.svg

42-year-old Iraqi male is in court in Aarhus sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for one year and nine months for a number of store theft in Randers, Aarhus and Horsens and for money counterfeiting.

In connection with the arrests and searches, the police found 89 counterfeit 500 euro banknotes in the Iraqi’s bank vault. In court, in addition to the thieves, he was also convicted of money counterfeiting a total of 100 counterfeit banknotes, of which he had used the 11 before the police revealed him.

The 42-year-old, who is a Iraqi national, also received a warning of expulsion in addition to his prison sentence. He is the first to have a judgment in the case.


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