Clown World 17

EU-funded report: Denmark is Islamophobic

Russia tries to intimidate Denmark with new warship

Turkish criminal get nine months imprisonment for robbery with a yield of 63 kroner (10 USD).

42-year-old Iraqi male is sentenced to one year and nine months imprisonment for a number of store theft and for money counterfeiting.

44-year-old male from Romania sentenced to four months of unconditional imprisonment and expelled from Denmark.

Drunk Romanian sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for negligent manslaughter

Two Lithuanian men arrested and charged with extensive thefts from cars

Two Syrian sentenced to imprisonment and unconditional expulsion of Denmark for arson.

Sweden is Headed for a Civil War

UK vs France: Who’d win a nuclear war?

About Cars & Motorsports

Two Mules For Sister Sara

Coogan’s Bluff

Head Teacher Suspended after Pupil Dresses as Hitler for Halloween

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Promotes Lawlessness In NYC

Swastika Flag Seen Hanging in State Building in Sacramento

Media EXPOSED in Epstein Cover-up by Project Veritas

Billionaire George Soros Now Effectively Owns The Virginia Criminal Justice System

Leak from National Socialist Site Could Identify Hundreds of White Nationalists Worldwide.

Robbing White People Gets Praise By Tolerant Left On Twitter

Eco Warriors Spray Paint Yuge Greta Mural On Side Of Building

New York City to Reward CRIMINALS with Free Mets Tickets, Movie Passes and Gift Cards

Where has The Rainbow Nation Euphoria Gone? – South Africa

Germany: Dresden Declares “Nazi Emergency”

Antifa stages huge riot in notorious Berlin neighborhood

Children’s indoctrination takes it to the next level

German miniature submarines – Normandy 1944

German troops greeted by the residents of Danzig, West Prussia, September 1939

Panzer U-Boat – The German Submarine Tank – Seeteufel

Herald of the Victors’ Shame: James Bacque, 1929-2019

Jagdpanther vs. Churchill – Normandy 1944

Spaniards Fighting For Hitler? The Spanish Blue Division (1941-1943)

Sober up! “Blitzkrieg on Speed”…

Arado Ar 234 & Variants

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