Prominent National Socialist Held in Denmark over Jewish Cemetery Attack

Danish police have arrested a prominent National Socialist activist and an alleged accomplice after 84 Jewish tombstones were vandalised in the city of Randers.

Jacob Vullum Andersen, 38, is a leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), which is also active in Sweden and Norway.

He and a 27-year-old patriot have been charged with “gross vandalism” and a “hate crime” offence.

Andersen told Danish TV2 that he was not involved, but he voiced support for the action:

“We think it is positive that people have finally woken up and recognised that Jewish power and Jewish infiltration in society are extremely harmful and undesirable,” he was quoted as saying.

Read more here from The Daily Archives


  1. Seax · November 16

    Holy Meshuggah, Batman! My Holohoax sense is tingling!

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  2. Seax · November 16

    Better cut the ADL a fat check for blackmail, I, er, mean for tolerance and healing.

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    • vikinglifeblog · November 16

      Oh yes, and that is properly what happens in 99% of these cases.
      I happely believe, that Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) are in the 1% who give the finger to ADL.

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