The Sperg Box

Oh to see the lives of others
pages stained by the looking glass
letters lie as leaf litter
tossed about by wind

I have given the wealth of Nations
poured my heart’s blood in my duties
carved Runes, rist them red
upon sacred heart of man

nothing changes
but all shall fade
in the blink of an eye
the unchanged throes

where we’re going
who can know?
years are swallowed by the hours
and I count

I count them with my watcher’s eye
as I long to climb the Hlidskjalf steps
long indeed, so long in tooth
I shall go to my grave with both eyes open

long awaited is the Fimbulvetr
grey the man, grey the hour
so much so that none the wiser
go the wards whom watchers watch

then who shall know what I have seen?
like the hangman’s God I shall grasp
I shall seize…

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