Clown World

The Serpent's Loft

Roll out of bed
and onto the floor of this bold new world
tired from too much sleep
hungry amidst the overfed sea

eyes red not from tears but from the loud
toothless Etins loll about in pillowy graves
turning thunder into sighing
death knell of the thrall

who shall mourn the dieing clown?
who shall mourn the loss of mirth?
who shall list the days?
world without end, Piss Earth

awake in endless slumber
The Mind’s Eye blinks
begging to dare
daring to ask

What’s it all for?

only to be shamed back
driven down in need
so it was and so it goes
as we’re told it ever shall become

torrid submission
tactical nihilism
civilisation’s end
the death of reproach

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