Ukrainian company was fined DKK 50,000 in the court of Kolding for tampering with the pollution control equipment of the truck and for having driven without permission

Kontrol af lastbil

The case took its start when the company’s truck was halted at Fredericia on 24. July 2019 by South East Jutland Police. A check of the truck showed that the truck’s anti-pollution equipment was manipulated.

Special prosecutor Pernille Moesborg talks about the matter: “A detailed examination of the documents showed that the company’s licence to drive goods for hire and reward required the truck to meet certain standards in relation to how much it might pollute . As the anti-pollution equipment had been manipulated, the truck no longer lived up to the standards and therefore the company had no authorisation. ”

The company did not meet in court, so the company’s position on the verdict is unknown.


15 Ukrainian men arrested for illegal work on a construction site in Hedehusene

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