1. tonytran2015 · November 20

    This was done by the (((Soviet revolution leaders))) so it was forgotten.

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    • vikinglifeblog · November 21


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      • tonytran2015 · November 21

        Two million Ukrainians had died. Why is it still not compulsory in US schools to learn about that proven genocide of Ukrainians?

        School kids would be free to challenge the claims and learn that the only true parts of History are the ones that can always stand up to any challenge. This is unlike any fake history.

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    • vikinglifeblog · November 21

      You are absolutely right. Maybe they will lose their monopoly, now that we have internet.
      At least this battle of truth is not over, yet.

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  4. Ellie Wolfe · December 2

    Reblogged this on Fascist Bostonian and commented:
    #Holdomor #allywarcrimes #alliedwarcrimes #whitegenocide #communismkills #betterdeadthanred


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