220 Pounds of Garbage and Debris Found in Stomach of Washed Up Dead Whale

Ung kaskelot. Foto: NOAA

Those of us who live inland see plenty of anti-littering campaigns, and in some places there are signs that urge people not to dump anything down storm drains because they eventually lead to the sea.

People who live on or near the water see more of the effects of littering first-hand, and on Thanksgiving, a group in Luskentyre Beach, Scotland, was faced with a very large reminder of what can happen when we don’t clean up after ourselves.

A young male sperm whale weighing around 20 tons had beached itself and then died, leaving its huge carcass to be dealt with on Luskentyre Beach. The Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme, who performed the necropsy, said that by the time it got there, the whale had already been dead for two days.

“In this whale’s stomach was approximately 100kg of marine debris- a whole range of plastic including sections of net, bundles of rope, plastic cups, bags, gloves, packing straps and tubing,” it shared in its post.

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