The America Rocket – WWII German Space Weapon

Find out the story behind the America Rocket, created by V-2 designer Wernher von Braun to strike New York City from space!

Mark Felton Productions

Read about WWII here

Walter Dornberger

Wernher von Braun

The V-2 Rocket (A 4) How Effective was it?

How to use a V2 Rocket

The Wizernes Bunker/La Coupole


Ice Station Kurt – The Secret German Mission to Canada




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  2. Tar Baby · December 7, 2019

    The payload of the America Rocket was to be highly radioactive junk, in other words, a “dirty” bomb. Hitler thought that would be more terrifying than regular high explosives. He wanted to bomb London with dirty bombs, loaded on V-2s, but, in late 1944, the missiles were out of range from any territory still occupied by Germany. That was the sole objective of the Ardenne Offensive, which became the Battle of the Bulge; getting to Antwerp, which was in range, for the rockets, to London. Btw, Germany exploded an atomic bomb in late 1943, a year and a half before the U.S. exploded one in New Mexico.

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    • vikinglifeblog · December 7, 2019

      I have seen a program, about it. I think, that the “highly radioactive junk” was something like a ton (or more) of radioactive sand. They would spread it in the air over New York, as I remember.

      I did not know, that London was ment as a target.

      Antwerp was also the allies main fuel depot and harbour.

      They claimed in the program that Germany exploded an atomic bomb and killed 500-1500 prisoner, but they could not find radioactive left overs. The bomb was very small, like a suitecase bomb.

      Do you have a link with more information, it is very interesting.

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      • Tar Baby · December 7, 2019

        No link, sorry. The bomb just barely met the definition of an atomic bomb. The yield was just over 1/2 a kiloton of dynamite (TNT), measuring just over 1000 pounds, equivalent. The plan was to have radioactive “ovens” in the basements of hundreds, maybe thousands, of civilian homes, to irradiate the “junk.” Hitler decided not to try to make deliverable atomic weapons, for two reasons: The cost would be outrageous and there was the possibility that a bigger bomb would start a chain reaction that would destroy the world, a consequence that some of the scientists in the Manhattan Project were aware of.

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      • Tar Baby · December 7, 2019

        The yield I gave was incorrect. The yield of the German bomb was 1/2 of 1 kiloton, which would be the equivalent of 1,000,000 (one million) pounds of TNT. Big numbers confuse me.

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    • vikinglifeblog · December 8, 2019

      It makes sense to start small. That might also be the reason why (and if) nobody have found radioactive left overs.

      Trinity (nuclear test) was 22 kilotons of TNT (92 TJ):

      In September 1953, about 650 people attended the first Trinity Site open house. Visitors to a Trinity Site open house are allowed to see the ground zero and McDonald Ranch House areas. More than seventy years after the test, residual radiation at the site is about ten times higher than normal background radiation in the area. The amount of radioactive exposure received during a one-hour visit to the site is about half of the total radiation exposure which a U.S. adult receives on an average day from natural and medical sources.


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