The War, One Great Adventure: The Writer and “Historian” Franz Kurowski (2018).

A row of seven large tanks lined up with their long guns pointing up at an angle, as if saluting.

Franz Kurowski was one of the writers who shaped the popular image of the Wehrmacht. To this day, he is perceived as reliable “German historian,” especially abroad. The fact is, however, that his works are not only biased but also partly based on falsified sources.


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In this video Dr. Roman Töppel speaks about his experience talking to “Panzer Aces” like Otto Carius (author of Tigers in the Mud) and others. How they saw themselves and others, how kill claims were recorded and by whom. Additionally, we also talk about Kurt Knispel and some aspect that is usually not covered in the literature.

Military History not Visualized

Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-299-1805-16, Nordfrankreich, Panzer VI (Tiger I).2.jpg

Top 7 German Panzer aces

Top 10 German Tank Aces – The Masters of the Blitzkrieg

Kurt Knispel

The Life and Death of Michael Wittmann

Franz Bäke


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