Four foreign citizens were sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for drug smuggling.

Four foreign citizens arrived in April 2019 to Rødbyhavn in a car. The car was stopped and investigated further. Here, the Danish Customs Agency found 398 grams of cocaine stored in the car’s petrol tank.

By a court of law in Nykøbing F. On 4 December 2019 the four were convicted. Three of them were sentenced to two years and 6 months. Unconditional imprisonment, while the last is awaiting the sentencing. They were all expelled from Denmark for ever after serving.

Just a few days after another case.

The verdict comes only a few days after another case from Rødby Havn by Southern Zealand and Lolland Police. In this case, 1734 grams of heroin and 1023 grams of cocaine were smuggled into the country tucked into the trunk of a car.

A 48-year-old foreign man was on 26. November 2019 sentenced to 6 years in prison and expulsion of Denmark by the Court of Nykøbing F.


I guess, that (((Danish Police))) don’t want us to know where these criminals come from.

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