Polish truck driver hides magnet in underpants

Monday, 9. December 2019 was police doing checks on trucks on the Køge Bay Highway.

Here, the police assistant stopped a Polish-registered lorry with a 48-year-old Polish male behind the wheel, who had not committed any infringements at the first review. However, the policeman nevertheless suspected that not everything was as it should be, and therefore a major investigation of the driver and the truck was initiated.

It then appeared that the driver had used a magnet to cheat the truck’s tachograph, and that he had saved the magnet in the underpants so that the police would not find it. However, he did not succeed in hiding the magnet, and the police believe they could prove that he has used the magnet for a total of three times.

All of this resulted in a total fine of DKK 94,500 and a claim that the driver should loose the right to drive a car and a lorry in Denmark. However, this will only be decided at a hearing scheduled for February 2020.


There seems to be a lot of problems with Eastern European truck drivers and Eastern Europeans in general.

Drunk Romanian sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for negligent manslaughter

Today, a Ukrainian company was fined DKK 50,000 in the court of Kolding for tampering with the pollution control equipment of the truck and for having driven without permission


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