6 Underground

6 Underground (2019)

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Kim Kold (right)

Kim Kold (born 25 August 1965) is a Danish actor and former professional bodybuilder. Standing 6’4″ (1.93 m) tall and weighing 320 lbs (155 kg), he is primarily known for his role as Owen Shaw’s crew member Klaus in Fast & Furious 6.

Born in Copenhagen, Kold played around 150 football matches as a goalkeeper in the lower leagues until he suffered from an injury at the age of 27. He was sent to the gym for rehabilitation training, where he took up an interest in bodybuilding.

Kold started competing in 1997. He won the Danish National Bodybuilding Championship in 2006.

Kold was persuaded by his friend, film director Mads Matthiesen, to play the title role in Matthiesen’s short film Dennis (2007). The film was not promoted, but soon became viral and made Kold a name as an actor. He reprised the role of Dennis when Matthiesen made Teddy Bear (2012), a feature-length adaptation of Dennis. He appeared in Fast & Furious 6 (2013), as well as Polish short film Smok (2015), based on the legend of Wawel Dragon. In 2016 he appeared the film Star Trek Beyond as well as the film 6 Underground in 2019.

Kold worked as a locksmith in Denmark for several years during his bodybuilding career. He owns his own security business in Puerto Banús.

1997-1999 TAXA

2007-2012 Forbrydelsen II

2007 Dennis

2008 Blå mænd

2009 Fri os fra det onde

2012 Teddy Bear

2013 Fast & Furious 6

2016 Star Trek Beyond

2017 Dræberne fra Nibe

2019 6 Underground


Best lifts (around 2007)

Squat: 320 kg (about 704 lbs)
Bænkpress (Bench Press): 270 kg (about 594 lbs)
Benpress (Leg Press): 1000 kg (about 2200 lbs)
Dødløft (Deadlift): 300 kg (about 660 lbs)


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