The Volkssturm

The Volkssturm sometimes referred to as “Hitler’s Militia” was created in September 1944 in order to defend the German homeland. It was a party organization, but ultimately was under the control of the Wehrmacht. This video looks at organization, weapons, equipment, training, Volkssturm on the Eastern and Western Front and various other aspects.

Military History not Visualized


German Auto and Semi-Auto Weapons, up to 1945 (no rifles)

MG-42: German Machine Gun

Was the MG 42 truly better than the MG 34?

German Stahlhelm (1916-1945)


Close Combat Clasp

Panzerfaust – How Effective was it?

German Squad Tactics in World War 2

German Raid Tactics – Ostfront

German Defensive Tactics – Eastern Front

German Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics 1941/1942

Panzergrenadiere 1944: Mission & Cooperation with Tanks

Encirclements – Panzergrenadier on the Eastern Front

German Division (World War 2)

German Army Ranks 1939-1945

German Ranks: What rank commanded which Unit?

Army hierarchy

Sanitäter German medic (World War II)

German Soldiers of World War II: Why They Were the Best, and Why They Still Lost

Read about WWII here


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