Clown World 22

Three foreigners sentenced to prison sentences and expulsion

Sentenced to 7 ½ years imprisonment and expulsion for rape and incest

One and a half years in prison and deportation for attempted smuggling of 120,000 painkiller tablets.

Four men from 16 to 33 years of age were sentenced to a total of seven years and nine months in prison in a comprehensive case of burglary.

Polack handed over and convicted for stealing bicycles

Four foreign citizens were sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for drug smuggling.

Four Romanian criminals sentenced a total of 10 years in prison for 17 burglaries

Afghan citizen arrested with fake passport in Denmark

Mohamad Marwan Shikhani is wanted by Danish police

Polish truck driver hides magnet in underpants

37-year-old Georgian male handed over to Denmark in case of robberies and thefts against supermarkets.

Cooperation between Danish and Philippine police led to arrest of woman behind sexual assault on children.

Six men convicted in giant cigarette smuggling case from Eastern Europe

The ideal female body

The AQ

A Chat With Woesy: Black Pigeon Speaks

An Ecological Disaster that Could Starve the World

World Toilet Day

Viking Life

The Mandalorian

Zombieland 1 & 2

One Race Films

Code 8

6 Underground

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

America: A Racial Mission

Californians Escaping Their Utopian Disaster Aren’t Exactly Being Welcomed With Open Arms.

Rashida Tlaib Blames White Supremacy When Black People Shoot Jews

Fresh Fish (in prison)

Where do These Gun-Lies Come From?

Seattle Hires Transgender Stripper For Homeless Conference

Obama Says Only Women Should Be World Leaders

Trump Issues Executive Order Banning Any Activity Jews Define as “Anti-Semitic” on American Campuses.

OILIGARCHY: ‘Big Tech & Big Oil’, Forging a Lucrative Partnership That Just Might Kill Us All.

Iowa Man Sentenced to 17 Years for Burning Flag….”LGBTQ” Flag!

China’s Threat to Weaponize Rare Earth Metal Exports Backfires

“Choose Huawei Or Else”: Danish Island Chain Threatened By China Over 5G Roll Out

Trump Challenges World Bank on China

China’s All-Seeing Eye in Africa

When will Turkey develop nuclear weapons?

Russia’s Sole Aircraft Carrier Catches Fire in Northern Port

About Slavic Rape Culture

Five Boroughs of the Danelaw

91-year-old German Political Prioner Ursula Haverbeck Denied Early Prison Release

Grave of High-Ranking National Socialist Reinhard Heydrich Opened in Berlin

German Raid Tactics – Ostfront

The War, One Great Adventure: The Writer and “Historian” Franz Kurowski

Panther vs Sherman – Operation Nordwind 1945

The Kettenkrad (updated)

Pentagon Commemorated the Battle of the Bulge with a Photo of Waffen-SS Hero Jochen Peiper.

The Volkssturm

Vienna’s Traditional New Year Concert Drops “Nazi Past”

About Slavic Rape Culture

Rudolph The Jewish Reindeer

The EU is channeling European taxpayer money to Israeli academic institutions complicit in violations of international law.

Normies dislike degeneracy – Boycott KFC

The Perfect Christmas Present

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