Every 4. thief comes from abroad

Travelling criminals account for a large part of burglaries and thefts, shows statistics from Danmarks Statistik.

The problem of travelling criminals is backed up by a new study. Around every 4. verdict for theft and every 5. verdict for burglaries was given to a person without residence in Denmark in 2017.


More than 900.000 immigrants and descendants have residence in Denmark and are not part of this study.

“Keep an eye out for unicolored vans without commercials, logos and stickers on the side and Eastern European license plates.”

Danish Police

Travelling bands of criminal foreigners a major headache for Denmark

A Statistics Scam to manipulate the Danes

Denmark: The Cost Of Third World Immigration

Yet another way to exploite Danish people!

12,196 foreign EU citizens could last year send Danish child-support money home to their children in their home country, to exactly 18,790 children.

The “best and brightest” Iraqis are not fit for work in Denmark – ‘Tip of the iceberg’ examples from 2009

Nursery children of non-western parents are inferior at speaking Danish, have an inferior mathematical understanding and have inferior social skills than children of Danish parents, the study of 13,000 children in Denmark shows.

New scientific metanalysis, measuring results from 1,001 earlier estimates, concludes that ethnic diversity and social trust have a negative relationship.

Denmark: 10 out of 12 Rapes Committed By Migrants

“Ghetto areas ” have the lowest rents


Poland is the country where most immigrants come from in UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and number two in Germany.

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!





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  4. tonytran2015 · January 1, 2020

    We should have told them to stay where they were and we would send the used items to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · January 1, 2020

      Good idea. EU are already giving them economic aid, we all have since the early 90s.
      We need a new wall, towards Eastern Europe.


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