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This video analyses a hypothetical conflict between a Russian and Chinese Alliance and US and Japanese Alliance. Could the red side’s military kick out the US presence from the western Pacific?

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Farmer genitally Mutilated in Attack | SANEF defends Daniel Friedman’s mockery of this

Yesterday, an elderly farmer from Babsfontein and his wife were attacked, tortured, and the man was genitally mutilated.

This is the exact torture method that Citizen Editor, Daniel Friedman made a massive joke of!

Not a single English News source reported on this. This video brilliantly exposes the state of the Established media in South Africa!

Willem Petzer

Friedman is the son of political analyst and newspaper columnist Steven Friedman, and is Jewish.


ANC admits they want TOTAL POWER over Property being expropriated; COURTS WILL GET NO SAY.

About South Africa

Major Russian Orthodox And Pro-Russian Nationalist “Porn Fighter” Busted Making Child Porn While Collecting State Monies To Fight Child Sexual Abuse

Relateret billede

Anton Mishkin earned a reputation for himself as a Russian Orthodox, pro-Russian nationalist whose career is fighting ‘extremism’ and pornography. However, Mishkin was just arrested in a ‘child porn for profit’ scandal where it was uncovered that Mishkin was setting up porn websites and filming himself having sex with underage girls, and then collecting state monies through his Orthodox organization to ‘fight pornography’.

Read more here at Shoebat

At Russia’s Insistence, Israel, a Haven for Pedos and Sodomites, Bans them From Adopting Russian Children.

About Slavic Rape Culture

Russia & Nigeria

The Russian (((Bolshevik Revolution)))

An Invasive Duo

S-ithole Information

Sex monster refugee, 40, who broke into a 76-year-old pensioner’s home and raped her is jailed for 17 years – but his victim has already died

Billedresultat for Mugahed Adam Eldouma, 40 rape

  • Mugahed Adam Eldouma, 40, raped a 76-year-old woman in her Perth home
  • He broke in through a window and sexually assaulted her in June 2018 
  • Eldouma was jailed for 17 years and six months

Eldouma came from Sudan and had a long history of substance abuse.

Read more here at Daily Mail

About UK – Rape

Man whose headaches made him vomit ‘had tapeworm in brain for 10 years’ Doctors think the tapeworm had been growing slowly ever since the man contracted it from eating undercooked pork in Mexico.

A scan showed where the tapeworm was lodged. Pic: KXAN

Doctors in Texas think the tapeworm had been growing slowly ever since the man – named only as Gerardo – contracted it from eating undercooked pork in Mexico more than a decade ago.

The patient has been named only as Gerardo. Pic: KXAN

Read more here from Sky News

I am sure American taxpayers will pay the bill.

One or the Other – Parasitism or Mutualism

“It is like they are controlled by some sort of brain parasite, that makes them act in a suicidal way”

“Neo-Nazis” Disrupt Tours of Buchenwald

Educational visits from National Socialists are becoming an increasing problem for the Jews at the concentration camp in Buchenwald in eastern Germany, museum director Volkhard Knigge said.

Nationalist activists were taking part in “targeted and pre-planned disruptions of tours” of the former camp, Knigge told the Neue Westfaelische newspaper.

“We increasingly find messages in the guest book claiming that Nazism and the concentration camps were sensible and good for the Germans,” he said.

Knigge said that National Socialists “smuggled themselves into tour groups to question facts and figures or deny the Holocaust outright”.

Read more here from The Daily Archives

Winning the Culture War


The Serpent's Loft

For all the years I have invested in study and thought, learning and theory – I can still not honestly tell you with pure conviction any of the things I really want to. While I consider this a personal failing, I can (egotistically) maintain my personal equanimity, conviction and integrity. And my agnosticism forces me to continuously check my beliefs, and unbeliefs, my doubts and biases. I suppose that at this phase of my life I am grateful for even this, for my drive to seek, to know, to feel and be and understand – has made me a man of depth. This depth has put me at odds with some, and driven a wedge between myself and most. But, it is all I know. And I know what I want.

I want to tell you that (the) God(s) are waiting with open arms to receive us. I want to…

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How China Is Secretly Changing Everyone’s Maps

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to acquire territory claimed by other countries. And one way they’re doing it is by quietly taking over the global map printing industry, and inserting their own “official” version of the map…and most people are totally unaware.

China Uncensored

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