African Risk Map 2019


Congo’s Ebola outbreak poses challenges for bush meat

African Migrants Smuggling Tons Of Illegal And Diseased ‘Bushmeat’ Into Europe Each Year.

One of the world’s leading investigators into the illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn has been killed in Kenya.


The vanishing animals that future generations will never see


World Downfall

What Africans are “Fleeing”: Their Self-Created Disasters

90% of Ocean Plastic Disaster Caused by Third World Pollution

Virgin cleansing myth

Rape culture in South Africa

About South Africa

Cargo cult

To be, or not to be colored, “witch children” in Nigeria

Witchcraft and demonic possession

Delusion of Grandeur

How Time Preferences Make or Break Civilization

Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

White Savior Complex

NO means NO


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