Vikings “Saved” Europe – Not Charlemagne

History teaches that the Norse Vikings were brutal, thieving invaders, but much of that history was written by Viking victims, the European monks who had the monopoly on writing.

New evidence says otherwise! The image we have today of the marauding Vikings is wildly off the mark, and it ignores the major contributions they made in shaping and “saving” Europe during the Middle Ages.

The Norse Vikings, for the most part, were acting completely rationally with their raids. These men weren’t addicted to violence. The treasure gained from the raids was used by chieftains in the complex and even poetic gift-giving system of the Viking halls.

Charlemagne treated Saxony like his own personal punching bag. On just one day in 782 A.D., Charlemagne ordered no fewer than 4,500 Saxons decapitated because they were loyal to Paganism. Meanwhile, the Viking execution of 111 prisoners in 845 A.D. lives on in infamy. It is ironic that Germany is so quick to extol Charlemagne, when the Saxon ancestors of moderns Germans were among the longest-suffering of Charlemagne’s victims.

Note:The National Socialist government built memorial-shrine to the German Heathen’s slaughter in commemoration of those killed during the Massacre of Verden in the 8th Century, called the Saxon Grove (Sachsenhain).

Charlemagne’s wars on his neighbors were similar to Viking raids, being that their primary purpose, particularly the raids of Avar and Pavia, was booty for his currency-starved empire.

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