1. The Tactical Hermit · January 19, 2020

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    Wake up folks. They took the gloves off..it’s now Moscow Rules. Stay Vigilant and Armed.


  2. muunyayo · January 19, 2020

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  3. muunyayo · January 19, 2020

    The Western media, which most certainly has shown it’s true colors as being a propaganda mechanism; acting in lockstep with “woke capital”, open borders advocacy NGOs, our oven-tier Politicians and the ZIONIST agenda – has nothing to benefit from covering never mind putting their credentials to tactical use and performing investigative journalism. Nothing to benefit for their agenda and the droves of the NPC/bugmen/Blue check mark Twitter mob/Globohomo citizens of clownworld.

    If the stakes were reversed – and that drag queen that was shouted down had suddenly passed away – you better believe that not only would the mainstream media be reporting this as if JFK was assassinated…there would be a United Nations tribunal held to organize a intercontinental effort to figure out all there is to be figured out about how to prevent and protect the drag queens world wide. And anyone that questions why the deployment of such resources is being mobilized, they will be labeled as anti-Semitic, transphobic, ARACHNOPHOBIC and their PayPal account will be terminated, their social media platforms wiped from existence, they would lose their job and would be forced to go on MSNBCLGBTQJEW and give a broadcasted apology. And pledge their loyalty to the ADL.


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