Police Investigate Man Dressed as Hitler at East German Festival

A man dressed as Adolf Hitler raised Jewis-Liberal eyebrows as he rode around in the sidecar of a NS-era motorcycle during a weekend festival in Germany, according to the New York Post.

“When people dress up as Adolf Hitler, an investigation is always necessary,” a spokesman for Saxony police said Monday, according to state-owned Deutsche Welle.

In Zionist Germany, it is illegal to wear NS paraphernalia in public, so the impersonator faces possible legal action, the spokesman said.

The video also showed the motorcycle pulling up and parking next to a police car, where a cop could be seen smiling as he snapped photos of the pair and people laughed nearby.

The awesome officer may also face consequences for failing to take action during the event, which drew almost 10,000 people over the weekend.

Read more here from The Daily Archives

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