Twenty Six Years After the Fall of Apartheid and Implementation of Black Rule, South Africa Experiencing Nationwide Blackouts as Electricity Grid Collapses

Twenty six years after the fall of Apartheid in South Africa and the implementation of black rule (a nation truly proving democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount), we get the consequences of a people rejecting whites and mistakenly believing they can maintain the civilization and infrastructure they have inherited.

Prepare for the worst

As municipalities prepare for the logistics of stage 8 load shedding, an energy expert warned that South Africans should prepare for the worst – regular stage 6 load-shedding, and 10-hour daily blackouts.

Read more here from UNZ

About South Africa

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  2. The Tactical Hermit · January 24, 2020

    Excellent Piece. Hey you think you guys could do a piece on these called DCV (Drug Consumption Venues) in Denmark? I just saw a piece on them and it really pissed me off to see the State willfully helping to kill their won citizens!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · January 27, 2020

      3 minuts in, they have just bought drugs and the grey concrete building behind them is a police station, close to Copenhagen central station. That area is full of immigrants, Arabs, Africans, Eastern Europeans etc. prostituts, drug addicts etc.


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