Immigrants, Traffic and Cheating – How Low IQ People Get a Driver License

8 out of 10 times I see someone doing something stupid and irresponsible in traffic, it is a person of color (an invasive).

I often wonder, how do these primitive and corrupt people get a driver licence to begin with.

PISA study and military IQ test shows, that immigrants perform way below Danes.

More driving schools cheat with their students’ driver’s license 2020

Can’t you and the driving instructor really have a driving lesson late at night?

Then take a pair of sunglasses on your nose during a driving lesson a day, and vupti, then the mandatory darkdriving is done.

Or what about the theory test. Is it too difficult for you?

Then we’ll just send someone else in to take the test in your place.

These are just some of the examples of fraud that the police encounter when driving schools in the larger cities in particular have to make their young students ready to move freely behind the wheel.

Last year alone, 123 cases were brought against driving schools across the country, according to a new statement from the National Police.

In copenhagen police, the extent of the fraud is so large that, according to the joint shop steward of the traffic department Finn Agerholm, three men have been deposed to deal with fraud cases.

– There has clearly been an increase in the number of cases.

– For example, we have had some students who have told me that their night driving has taken place by being fitted with sunglasses or by driving during the day in a parking garage, he says.

According to Finn Agerholm, the police have also seen a student for a theory test equipped with a microphone and a hidden earpiece so that the driving instructor could listen with and give the right answers.

On Funen, police assistant and board member of the Driving Examiners National Association Steen Caspersen also finds that there is an unclean trot among certain driving schools.

Not as grelt as in Copenhagen, but yet to an unacceptable extent.

– We find that weight is being cheated. A number of students do not receive the education they are entitled to and which they must have under the legislation, he says.

By giving students fewer hours than required, according to Steen Caspersen, driving schools can offer young people to take a driving licence cheaper than the more serious places.

– And what we see is probably just the tip of the doughnut cake, he says.

In the driving teachers’ largest trade association, The Danish Driving Teacher Union, Chairman Bent Grue knows well about the stories of the industry’s stingy vessels.

– A lot of people jump over where the wicket is lowest.

– It’s just rare driving schools that are organized, and then it’s hard for us to do something, he says.

Danish Driving Instructor Union has about 800 members, but according to Bent Grue there are up to 1800 driving schools in Denmark.

Therefore, according to the President of the Union, the most effective remedy against the fraudster is when the police drive out and make checks.

Source: MSN

Driver’s license cheating: We have been calling for new rules for ten years 2019

Cheating with signatures and students missing more than half their hours before being sent to driving tests. The industry has been calling for a solution for years without anything.

The driving school industry is subject to fierce competition, which is why Fyns Politi also recommends that you use your common sense when choosing your future driving school.

– A driving school that is cheaper can easily be good, but as with many other things, cheap is not always the best. And whoever lies just around the corner is not always the best, says Sten Sørensen, deputy chief inspector at Fyns Politi.

Source: TV2 Fyn

Driving instructors and interpreters are accused of cheating pupils through tests 2017

For DKK 10,000, students were sure to pass the theory test – with the help of driving instructors and interpreters who texted the answers in the smug in Arabic.

A number of students easily made it through the theory tests at copenhagen police.

Maybe too easy, too easy, too easy.

In any case, the Copenhagen Police, who have prosecuted two dear teachers and three interpreters, believe that the students have been helped illegally.

Five men have been charged with giving and receiving bribes, for misconduct and breach of confidentiality.

The defendants are two driving instructors aged 52 and 46, a 51-year-old assistant, and three interpreters in Arabic aged 48, 49 and 54.

A number of driving school children have also been charged in the complex, but police have given up on charges against them.

The driving students brought interpreters when they were for a theory test, and according to the extensive indictment, two different methods were used to cheat students through.

Either the interpreter made sure to give the right answers in the mold when he translated the questions from Danish to Arabic.

Or the interpreters translated the questions so slowly that driving teachers could send the right answers to students on text messages via some mobile phones, which the driving instructors had specifically handed over to their students, writes Ekstra Bladet.

It was the traffic department of Copenhagen police who suspected that a number of students had too easy to pass the theory tests, which were kept partly at trafiksekstionen on Gammel Køge Landevej 1 in Valby and partly at Frederikssund police station.

To gather evidence against the driving instructors and interpreters, the police were granted permission to space and monitor driving school, and it is mainly the wiretaps to be used as evidence during the upcoming trial.

It starts at the Court in Frederiksberg on Wednesday.

The two driving instructors and an assistant charged with involvement, as well as the three interpreters, deny guilt.

Source: TV2 Lorry

Driving instructors bugged and revealed: How we cheat in the theory test 2016

In secret, copenhagen police have set up eavesdropping equipment inside a driving school in Nørrebro [an area with more than 50% immigrants], Copenhagen, because the police suspected that the school’s teachers systematically helped foreign students cheat through the theory tests – against a hatching Payment.

It came to the Court in Frederiksberg on Thursday when the Copenhagen Police tried to close the first of several trials arising from the investigation.

The cases are about bribery of interpreters and large-scale fraud. Police believe that in a number of cases two driving instructors have bribed three interpreters to help non-Danish-speaking students through the theory test.

The students apparently didn’t have to get involved in how to behave in traffic in Denmark – they simply got the right answers served on a silver platter, according to the police.

The case Thursday was against a middle-aged foreign taxi driver who worked at the driving school that police have wiretapped during the case.

Intercepts, which prosecutor Stefan Møller Jørgensen reviewed in court yesterday, reveal how the taxi driver completely unwrapped on two occasions instructed the students on the scam. He said that driving school had done so ‘for several years’ and that they made great efforts not to be discovered.

The incriminating intercepts have led the taxi driver to put the cards on the table with the police, which is why the Copenhagen Police tried yesterday to settle his case as a confessional.

It didn’t happen, though. After two hours of hearing – and with the owner and other co-defendants on the gallery a few meters behind him – it was clear that the taxi driver apparently spoke so badly Danish that an interpreter had to be summoned. And that’s why the case – after a few hours of hearing – was adjourned.

An interpreter has not previously been necessary during the interrogation with copenhagen police on 19 September. The man has described the hoax in detail – and appointed the owner of the driving school, a 51-year-old driving instructor, as a backer.

In court on Thursday, however, the taxi driver managed to appoint the driving school’s 51-year-old owner as a backer in the case. Again and again, he said the 51-year-old’s name when Prosecutor Stefan Møller Jørgensen asked him who made agreements with the interpreters that the driving school used, who paid the interpreters and on whose orders he acted.

The driving instructor, who has also played a minor role as a community debater in the immigration debate, sat a few feet from the taxi driver and shook his head. He pleaded not guilty and on Thursday did not wish to comment on the case to TV 2.

Before the hearing was interrupted, Prosecutor Stefan Møller Jørgensen reviewed part of the material on which the police are building the case.

Taxi driver: Phone vibrated by ‘yes’
During a questioning with the police – and partly in court – the taxi driver explained that the driving school had two ways they could cheat – and the assistance from the interpreters was central to both.

One method consisted of a number of mobile phones that students should have in their pockets during the theory tests. Police found a phone of seven students when it struck last July during a theory test.

The phones were set to vibrate when they received a text message and were entangled in toilet paper. The taxi driver explained Thursday that it was about dampening the noise it gave when they received a text message.

– Why was paper wrapped around? Asked Stefan Møller Jørgensen.

– So they don’t make noise.

– When there was a vibration?

– Yes, sir.

Phones were wrapped

On space tapping from World War II, the room was a good example of the use of the The taxi driver asked the 51-year-old if the phones were put in napkins. They did a test where the taxi driver put the wrapped phone in their pocket. The 51-year-old then said – according to the police record of the conversation – that he liked the idea of putting them in napkins.

On Thursday, the taxi driver denied that someone at the driving school had wrapped the seven phones, as the police on their students.

– They’ve done that themselves, he said.

On a room taping, the taxi driver is heard explaining to a female student who wondered about the wrapping that the driving school had wrapped the phones so that the vibrations cannot be heard and that ‘they have tried it several times’.

Talking to driving instructors about phones
The space taps from driving school hear the taxi driver and the 51-year-old driving instructor and community debater talk about the numbers on the many phones being encoded into another phone.

The taxi driver ruled Thursday that the driving school owner would listen to the theory test via a phone that one of the students had in his pocket. That phone was set up so that it automatically answered a call when you called it.

On a space taping, the driving school’s 51-year-old owner is heard telling the taxi driver about where the phones come from. The phone that was supposed to send the many text messages was a Samsung smartphone that he had bought completely legally. It could go on 3G networks and was therefore fast.

– The other one did not buy legally, it was stolen, because then they cannot associate it with him, prosecutor Stefan Møller Jørgensen renounced the police minutes of the conversation.

Taxi driver brushed off phone cheating for students
Two space interceptions show that the taxi driver informed the driving school’s students in detail about how the phone scam worked:

If the phone vibrated a question during the theory test, they would have to answer ‘yes’ – if it remained calm, the answer was no. A system that he tested by with the students at driving school.

According to his explanation in court, the taxi driver had sent text messages to the students as part of the cheating, but he was so bad at it that all the students failed, he claimed Thursday.

The day the police struck, according to the taxi driver’s owner, it was supposed to help the students.

– Was it M (owner of the driving school, ed.) who had to send sms to the students, asked Stefan Møller Jørgensen

– Yes, sir.

At driving school – and with the taxi driver – the police have found facitlists of the theory tests, and the taxi driver also stressed to students that it was important that they waited to tick until the whole issue was read out.

Otherwise, the cheating could be discovered.

Taxi driver: We have an agreement with interpreters to talk slowly
He also stressed that the interpreter would speak so slowly that there was plenty of time to receive a text message and answer the question.

On one of the wiretaps from driving school, a woman tells the taxi driver that she has been to a theory test in the past, where the interpreter spoke too quickly. According to the record of the wiretap that prosecutor Stefan Møller Jørgensne read out , the taxi driver replied that they had an agreement with the interpreter that there was enough time between the questions – about 5-6 seconds – and that the interpreter the woman was talking about had been reprimanded.

As punishment, the driving school had used another interpreter at the next three theory tests, the taxi driver was in charge of the interception.

– The interpreter missed 500 kr. per student.

Another student is heard asking the taxi driver if they should answer the question if they even know the answer. The taxi driver rejects that on the wiretap.

– It’s not funny that they’ve met today, the police record reproduces the taxi driver’s response to the student.

On one of the space interceptions, the taxi driver is also heard telling students that driving school is very safety-conscious and changes sim cards on the phones every week. A piece of information subsequently confirmed by the police’s review of the telephones.

On Thursday, the taxi driver could not remember what the interpreter would help with.

– I do not remember it, he said several times, but nevertheless stated that it was the 51-year-old owner of the driving school who made agreements with the interpreters and paid them.

Taxi driver: Interpreter’s bending of words clarified students’ answers
According to the taxi driver, the second variant of the scam was that the interpreter allegedly paid to help students, must have served the right answer to the students.

According to the taxi driver, it was about how a particular word in Arabic was translated. If the interpreter bent the word in one way, students would have to answer yes — the interpreter bent it another way, the answer was no.

Three interpreters have been charged with assisting the driving school with the fraud. Everyone pleads not guilty. On an interception, the taxi driver is heard telling students that the phones are safer than the codes from the interpreters.

– You may risk being silent and that an expert can hear the codes they give. Therefore, they (driving school, ed.) only use the phones. They should not be afraid, it cannot be discovered, Stefan Møller Jørgensen read out from the police minutes of a space interception from 5. It is not the first time that the European People’s Commission has been a member of the European

It emerged on Thursday that the taxi driver had on several occasions taken in return for students who were going to the theory test. According to the driver, one had paid $3,000.

On a space taping from July, the driving school’s 51-year-old owner is heard telling a potential customer that the driving school offers theory samples to Syrians and that the price is $2,000.

– It is better than that unknown (the police name of the customer, ed.) has to pay money and spend time receiving theory teaching, the police record of the conversation says, where the taxi driver is also present.

Source: TV2

Therefore, Turks from all over the country took the theory test in Slagelse 2015

If you are not so good at Danish, then it can be difficult to pass your theory test and get your driving licence.

If you are not so good at Danish, then it can be difficult to pass your theory test and get your driving licence. But not in Slagelse, as a transition was a very popular place for Turkish immigrants to go to theory test.

And this sudden popularity was then also noted by the police, who investigated the case. And it quickly revealed what was going on.

The Turkish interpreter helped the test participants answer correctly.

– It is clear that an interpreter has helped a driving school student pass the theoretical part of the driving test by giving or suggesting the correct answers, the test does not apply. The student has not passed and must, of course, go up for a new test, the traffic police leader, Police Commissioner Erik Mather, told

And it wasn’t just the dumped students, the cheating went beyond. The interpreter has now been sentenced to a suspended prison sentence of 20 days. At the same time, he loses his job as an SSP consultant at Slagelse Municipality, who does not consider the conviction for violating the Criminal Code is compatible with the work of the municipality’s vulnerable residential areas, writes the newspaper.

Driving instructor sent signals to students
This is not the first time that there has been a fuss with the driving tests in Slagelse. In 2010, a group of driving school students and a driving instructor were taken to cheat to a test.

At the test, one of the driving test students sent some no more detailed signals when the other eight had to answer the theory questions, and it turned out that all nine had answered exactly the equivalent of all the 25 questions in the theory test.

It turned out that the ninth had a driving licence in advance – and even had an authorization as a driving instructor.

At the same time, it turned out that driving test students could not very much Danish. They should have interpreters to understand what the police officers said during an oral interrogation.

Source: TV2

Driving teachers: We’ve been hearing rumors of driving test scams for years 2015

Cheating and deception with theory and driving tests must be combated, says the national chairman of the Danish Driving Instructor Union.

It is gratifying that the police are now making an effort against the fraud of theory and driving tests that the industry has heard for years.

This is the reaction of the national chairman of the Danish Driving Teachers’ Union, René Arnt, after the Copenhagen Police on Monday arrested a large number of driving teachers, pupils and interpreters suspected of having cheated on driving tests – so that students who would otherwise fail the sample consisted.

– We’ve been aware of rumors for years that driving tests are being cheated. We all have a common interest in removing cheating and deception, the association’s national chairman, René Arnt, told Ritzau.

This is not the first time that the police have turned to fraud with theory tests.

In 2002, several Zealand police circles launched an action against a group of interpreters suspected of abusing the interpreter scrutinising the task of helping immigrants answer technical questions, thereby passing the theory test.

The new police case does not surprise the Danish Driving Instructor Union, says René Arnt.

Source: DR

Driving instructors want to avoid immigrants 2006

No thanks to immigrants and dyslexic in driving schools when dump percentages are published online.

The country’s driving teachers will in the future exclude migrants from driving education for fear of getting too high dump rates. That’s what metroXpress writes.
This foresees several prominent driving teachers after Justice Minister Lene Espersen (K) decided to publish dump percentages from the theoretical and practical tests of schools.
‘Immigrants and other linguistically weak students get caught up in the system. Driving teachers will refuse to take them to the test if their dumping risk is too great. Our business simply cannot bear a reputation as driving schools where students fail,” says Aarhus driving instructor Vibeke Vesterhouen, board member of the Danish Driving Teachers’ National Association.

Source: Berlingske

Interpretercheats in theory tests 2002 (updated in 2012)

A network of corrupt interpreters provides Iraqi, Kurdish and Turkmen immigrants through the theory test, against a fee of 2,500 kroner.
The police in a number of major Zealand cities are working at high pressure to reveal a network of corrupt interpreters who, through codes in the translation of questions for the theory test, ensure that future drivers pass the theory test without being able to one word in Danish.

‘It’s appalling, what’s going on. But when the rules allow an immigrant to obtain a Danish driving licence without being able to read the Danish text on a subboard, we can only pass the pupil,” a driving examiner told B.T. adds:

‘It is the National Police Chief who approves and gives immigrants proof that they must interpret the police. But it is noteworthy that the dumping rate among students, whom I will describe as illiterate, until the driving test is in line with the dump rate among Danish students.

Likewise, it is remarkable that a second-generation immigrant who speaks fluent Danish can bring an Arabic interpreter to his theory test. When I asked why he was carrying the interpreter, the aspirant replied, that is because I would like to train my Arabic language.”

A Kurdish and an Arab-born driving instructor with driving schools in Frederiksberg and Vesterbro in Copenhagen is part of the network built up by the interpreters. The interpreters are naturally located in cities where there is a high concentration of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Here the interpreters are a force. The moment an immigrant gets caught up in the system and needs to talk to official authorities such as the European Union. social services, state and police, the interpreter shall be convened.

Interpreters get DKK 262.70 per hour plus transport costs. Through their corrupt network, they earn thousands of dollars black to help compatriots safely through the problems.

B.T. has been in contact over the past month with 11 immigrants, all of whom have passed their theory test with the help of a corrupt interpreter. In addition, 10 of the 11 have had their driving licence paid by the social authorities:

“I have neither a car nor the prospect of getting a car, but one day I was contacted by the interpreter, who I know from Køge. He offered me a driver’s license for free. He told me to tell my case worker that I could get a job as a driver in a pizzeria if I had a driver’s license.

The interpreter got me a piece of paper from a pizzeria I’d never heard of. On paper it said I could get a job as a driver,” says Ali, who wishes to remain anonymous because he knows that if he stands forward, he loses his licence.

The trip went to the social services, where the case worker approved a grant of driver’s license for Ali in a few minutes, with the condition that Ali should obtain a written offer from a driving instructor.

‘It wasn’t a problem. I went with the interpreter to a driving instructor in Copenhagen. He told me that he made an offer of 50 hours of 200 kr. per hour.”

‘The driving instructor said that as many hours I wouldn’t spend, but the profit of hours he would give me in cash so I could pay the other expenses of the driver’s license. Implied that then there was 2,500 kr. for the interpreter, as well as money for stamp mark,” ali says.

Another of the 11 – a Kurd – who has been helped with a Danish driver’s license tells of the procedure:

“I can’t read or write Danish, the interpreter fixed it all for me.

One day a Kurdish driving instructor came to Ringsted and told me to learn how to drive with him.”

“I’ve never been to a theory lesson. The day before I went to theory tests, the interpreter came and instructed me how it was going. “We got into a room where I first saw a series of slides with different traffic situations, then I was given a piece of paper in Danish with a lot of questions and statements about the pictures I had seen.

For each question, there were two to four answer options in fields that had to be crossed off. The interpreter translated all the questions into Kurdish. He had instructed me that if he initiated the phrase with the word ‘question’, Then I should not tick, but he said ‘the question’ (certainly form, ed.), then I should tick. The trick is that the policeman who attends the theory test cannot hear the difference between the two words.

According to the 11 immigrants B.T. have been in contact with, they would all have been dumped if the theory test had taken place without fraud.

Detective Carsten Riis, Køge, confirms that an investigation is underway about fraud in theory tests:

“We are working on the matter with, among other things, the european Union. Ringsted and Næstved police circles. The cases have been pending for three or four months.

We have no concrete yet, but there is no doubt for me that the interpreters who appear in the theory tests are experts in this area.

In addition, I find it remarkable that second-generation immigrants born and raised in this country encounter with interpreters when they are going to theory tests.”

B.T. referred the matter to Justice Minister Lene Espersen (K):

‘If the information in the article is correct, I strongly denounce the procedure. Of course, any type of fraud involving driving education and theory tests is completely unacceptable – which is why I am very pleased that the police are already investigating the matter.’

The revelation comes as a shock to the president of the Danish Driver’s Teacher Union, Erling Hansen:

“We must, in the sharpest, distance ourselves from such conditions.

This is totally unacceptable and I will follow the work of the police. We can’t cheap such a thing.”.

Source: BT

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  2. Viking Life Blog · January 26, 2020

    Derfor valfartede tyrkere til teoriprøve i Slagelse

    Slagelse blev på meget kort tid et meget populært sted for personer af tyrkisk oprindelse at tage sit kørekort. Det bemærkede politiet, som valgte at undersøge sagen. De fandt hurtigt den bagvedliggende årsag.

    Den tyrkiske tolk nøjedes nemlig ikke med at oversætte spørgsmålene for køreskoleeleverne. Han gav dem også de korrekte svar.

    Det er ikke første gang, der fuskes med teoriprøver i Slagelse. I 2010 blev ni køreskoleelever og en kørelærer taget i at snyde til en prøve efter, at alle ni elever havde svaret fuldstændig ens på alle spørgsmål i prøven.øve-i-slagelse


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    Well, that’s grim. In some states in America it is like that. Beard Babies come, drink and drive and smoosh native born Americans.

    Stunning and brave, enriching and diverse.

    It’s a farce. Nobody should have to worry about safety on their work commute like this.

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    • Viking Life Blog · March 16, 2020

      I agree, the standard always falls when multi-culti takes over.

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      • Seax · March 16, 2020


        Ayuh. Tis true. And folks keep on taking it, don’t wanna rock that boat now.

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