Clown World 24

Vikings “Saved” Europe – Not Charlemagne

Schouboe Automatic Pistol


National court gives Croatian home robbers 16 years imprisonment

How did the Vikings Become French? | The Origin and History of the Normans.

Immigrants, Traffic and Cheating – How Low IQ People Get a Driver License

Immigrants fails military IQ test

Surprise! Greta Doesn’t Write all Social Media Posts

America First Candidate: James Tulp

92-Year-Old Woman Sexually Abused and Murdered by Illegal Alien After New York Refused to Hand Him Over to ICE.

Impeachment: Useful Stick For Israel

Creepy P@rn Lawyer Michael Avenatti “Can’t Catch A Break” Arrested By IRS While Already In Court

Civil War medical museum prepares to amputate Confederate flag from its logo

How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks.

Shabbos Goy, Lucy Leriche: Beautiful Infanticide is under attack by those racist Conservatives

Ilhan Omar Accused of Being a PAID Agent of Qatar, Sold Top Secret Information

The Obsession With Work

Shocking Footage as BILLIONS in Emergency Aid Supplies Found UNUSED in Puerto Rico Warehouse.

Trump administration reveals details of ‘birth tourism’ crackdown: Pregnant foreign women will be denied tourist visa unless they have a medical reason to give birth in the U.S. – AND the cash to pay for it.

Watch: White Children Groomed, Branded Like Cattle & Sold for Sex by Gangs in Tampa

The Reality of Interracial Dating

Bernie Sanders and the True Nature of the State

Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Donald Trump

Cindy McCain: “We all knew about Epstein. We all knew what he was doing.”

Car Drives Head On Into Covington Catholic Bus after March For Life Rally

7 in 10 Britons Worried About Effect of Immigration on Population Growth

UK: An immigrant raped more than 190 people

The Missing Vulcan – Falklands 1982


“Nazi” flag flying over Victorian home condemned amid calls to strengthen anti-vilification laws – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Why Is Western Media Not Questioning The Mysterious Death Of Australian Youth Activist Wilson Gavin?

EU votes to accelerate punitive actions against Hungary and Poland

Russia’s Plan (backed by China) to Stop Free Speech on the Internet

Russia invites NATO members to take part in war games

Turkish parliament introduces bill to force rape victims to marry the rapists to avoid honor killings & criminal charges.

10 Things People Get WRONG About TAIWAN

GROSS: Scientists Blame Coronavirus on Bats — In Chinese Province Where Bat Soup Is Served in Restaurants.

Chinese Virus Spreads | Hong Kong Anti-Communist Rally

Coronavirus: Death Toll hits 41 as Doctor Dies from Virus in China

China coronavirus: A visual guide

Regions of Africa by population 1950-2018

Calls for Death to Americans at US Embassy in South Africa

Twenty Six Years After the Fall of Apartheid and Implementation of Black Rule, South Africa Experiencing Nationwide Blackouts as Electricity Grid Collapses.

Muslims behead Christian pastor for refusing to convert to Islam in Nigeria – Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam’s image

ANC admits they want TOTAL POWER over Property being expropriated; COURTS WILL GET NO SAY.


Birth Control Pills May Shrink Brain, Increase Anger and Depression

“It is like they are controlled by some sort of brain parasite, that makes them act in a suicidal way”

Gender Quotas on Corporate Boards

It’s Okay

Third Position

Not Funny!

The NSCC is a prison charity with the goal of assisting and supporting America’s nationalists who have no other organization to turn to for support.

FBI Arrests National Socialists Ahead of Virginia Gun Rally

Canadian National Socialist Arrested for “Violent, Racist” Videos

Dose of Truth

Novacadia: White Nationalist Political and Geographical Redoubt

Leading white nationalist accused of threats on message app

Leadership – Liabilities Into Assets

Jews Fear as “Vile Neo-Nazi” Stickers Appear around Edinburgh

Mr. Bond

Triumph Of The Will

How to Build an Igloo in 10 Steps

Terminator: Dark Fate

Endangered Species

Brunnenplatz (Berlin)

Rathaus Spandau

Police Investigate Man Dressed as Hitler at East German Festival

Germany Bans National Socialist Group Combat 18 Deutschland

British historian Sir Arthur Bryant describes throngs of child prostitutes outside the doors Weimar Berlin hotels and restaurants.

Germanic volunteers and collaboration

Jews Hope Colorizing Auschwitz Film Footage Will Make ‘Holocaust’ More Believable To Young People

Germany’s U-2 – WW2s Highest Air Combat

German Horses in World War II

Authenticity and/or Propaganda? Footage from WW1 and WW2

Structure of the Global System

Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War, reveal declassified Foreign Office files.

Demokracy: the Enemy within

Tech Giants Hiding Bernie Sanders Rape Fantasy Essay

How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks.

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