Denmark: Indigenous Population Will Be Minority by 2090

Indigenous Danes are set to become a minority in their own country in less than a century, new projections suggest

According to demographic analysis undertaken by the University of Copenhagen, native Danes will become a minority in their own homeland as a result of low birth rates and the procreation habits of the immigrant population.

Hans Oluf Hansen, the university’s lead demographer, suggests that the country’s first generation immigrant population will increase from 270,000 to 900,000 within 40 years.

Similarly, the native Danish population is predicted to fall from 5,000,000 to 4,300,000 within the same time period.

At present, Denmark’s indigenous population accounts for 86.9% of a population of 5,760,600. The remaining 13.1% is comprised of the 270,000-strong immigrant population, along with almost 5,000,000 of non-native descent, according to 2017 figures by Statistics Denmark.

Most worrying is the type of immigrant population that is set to constitute a majority.

64% of the non-native population is of a non-Western background, with common countries of origin including Turkey, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan and Thailand. This is the segment of the population with an astronomically high fertility rate.

As we’re well aware, Muslim immigrants in Western countries tend to have fertility rates two or three times the native population.

Denmark’s fertility rate, as of 2015, was 1.69 births per female citizen. This is amongst the lowest in Europe and well below the necessary replacement rate of 2.1.

By contrast, non-Western immigrants have fertility rates averaging between 3 and 4.5 births per female. Additionally, Polish immigrants tend to have more children than the native population.

Immigration has been a hot topic for Denmark’s centre-right coalition government in recent years, who have implemented tough measures to restrict the influx of illegal immigrants since the “migrant crisis” began in 2014.

However, these could be reversed and the demographic crisis intensified if, as looks likely at present, the Social Democrats form a government after the 2019 legislative election.

Source: Defend Evropa

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