Pan-European nationalism vs Ethnostate nationalism

A lot of people (literally nobody) ask me what is the difference between Pan-European nationalism and Ethnostate nationalism (real nationalism).

I believe, that the easiest way to explain it is; Pan-European nationalists see all European peoples as one, where Ethnostate nationalists see each nation (and ethnic groups) as a separate people or folk (from Danish folk) and classify Europeans in ethnic groups and tribes like Germanic tribes (Scandinavians, Germans etc.) and the Germanic peoples in general. Ethnostate nationalists want to preserve each nation or at least some nations within Europe, typically their own nation and related nations.

Pan-European nationalism can be divided into two categories:

Pan-European nationalism within Europe

Pan-European nationalism outside Europe

Pan-European nationalism within Europe overlap with Paneuropean Union (European Union/EU), civic nationalism and other populist movements.

Pan-European nationalism outside Europe is less damaging and more productive as long as it is kept outside Europe.

It is often seen within the “Alt-Right” and the “National Socialist 2.0” movment, that people more or less “re-write” and spin elements of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist history to suit their Pan-European nationalists views.

Like exaggerating Waffen SS as a multi-ethnic pan-European army, while down playing other factors like the racial tier system (Germanic vs non-Germanic) and the fact that the Germans were “pragmatic” regarding their need for soldiers (they did lose after all).

Or completely ignoring the fact, that Hitler was not fond of most non-Germanic peoples, especially Slavic people (read here, here and here).

Ethnostate nationalism is the only one of the two, that is in complete opposition to the Demographic genocide /White-genocide we are suffering from.

White genocide is not a conspiracy theory!

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Read about WWII here


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  15. free thinker · February 28, 2021

    ​”It is often seen within the “Alt-Right” and the “National Socialist 2.0” movement, that people more or less “re-write” and spin elements of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist history to suit their Pan-European nationalists views.” Can I used this for a video.

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  16. free thinker · March 1, 2021

    Bro, I was so happy you made this. I just couldn’t articulate the words for it. I am a nationalist but gave up with the alt-right and right wingers who seem to worship Nazism. They seem to not understand history. Nationalism needs a makeover, if we are going to win. The subculture is what the problem is, too many 4chan kids are in control. Slavic and pols thing Hitler would of love them lol. I don’t really have a problem with them, I just think it stagnates us from doing what needs to be done. And yeah.

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