Battlegrounds – a guide to warfare

Binkov’s Battlegrounds

What might happen if Russia does attack Ukraine?

What could Singapore do if the Chinese military attacked?

Is Moroccan military strong enough to stand up to Spain?

1980: could NATO stop a Soviet tank rush in Europe?

Australia vs Japan: What if the two went to war? (2021)

Will the missile shield protect the US from North Korean nuclear attack?

Could the EU save the Baltic nations from Russian military?

UK vs French military: Who’d win that war? (2021)

What would a total nuclear war between China and the US look like?

Could UK military prevent India from taking control over Indian Ocean?

Romania vs Hungary: Simulated conflict and armed forces comparison (2021)

A simulated war between Thailand and Vietnam. Who’d win?

What would a war between US and EU look like?

Texas vs California: Who’d win a hypothetical war? (2020)

Could Brazil take French Guiana from France if it wanted to? (2020)

Could US military invade Russia if it wanted to? (2020)

Could Greece and France stop Turkey from taking the eastern Mediterranean?

Would the US military need help from allies to crush China?

Is US military strong enough to conquer China on its own?

Could Portugal survive a Spanish military invasion?

Chile vs Argentina: Whose military would prevail if it came to war?

Could Iran save Syria from Turkish military? (If Turkey attacks in 2020)

Would New Zealand’s military stand a chance against Australian invasion? (2020)

Could Russia conquer Scandinavia? (2020)

Russia or India: Who would win a hypothetical military clash?

Could Malaysian military conquer Fortress Singapore? (2020)

Could Chinese & Russian military kick the US forces out of Japan & Pacific?

Could South Korea win a war against Japan? (2019)

UK vs France: Who’d win a nuclear war? (2019)

What if Brexit leads to a Civil war? Scotland and N. Ireland fight for independence

China vs Australia

USA vs China: Global Economy & the Arms Race of a new Cold War

Israel vs Saudi Arabia: Who’d win in a war?

What damage can Iranian military do to US?

US vs Venezuela: Could a US military invasion succeed?

China vs USA: Geopolitics of the new Cold war

Could US invade Iran?

Czech Republic vs Slovakia: A hypothetical modern war

Could Russia invade Canada? (If US remains neutral?)

Could the EU military conquer the UK?

Could Ukraine hold off a Russian invasion? (And could US react in time?)

Could the French military defeat Spain?

Could US invade UK if it wanted to? (2019)

Can China invade Taiwan within a year?

Armenia vs Azerbaijan: Whose military would win?

Turkey vs Saudi Arabia. A military “What if” answered. (2018)

France vs Italy: Who would win in a war? (2018)

Iran vs Israel: Military forces comparison (2018)

Israel vs Iran: How would their conflict unfold? (2018)

China vs USA: Trade war

UK vs Spain: Total war (2018)

UK vs Spain: Gibraltar invaded! Can the UK stop Spain?

UK vs Spain: Military forces comparison (2018)

China vs Japan: Military forces comparison

Sweden vs Finland analysis (2018)

Morocco vs Algeria: Modern War Analysis 2018

India vs China (2018)

Austria vs Hungary (2018)

World War III, 1989: NATO vs Warsaw Pact

NATO vs Warsaw Pact: The Air War (1989)

NATO vs Warsaw pact: The Naval war (1989)

European Alliance vs Russia

Germany vs Polackistan

Russia vs USA: Global Nuclear Showdown (2017)

China vs Russia (2017)

China vs South Korea (2017)

North Korea vs USA (2017)

USA vs North Korea: Flashpoint Guam

North Korea vs South Korea (2017)

Pakistan vs India (2017)

Egypt vs Israel (2017)

Iran vs Saudi Arabia (2017)

Belgium vs The Netherlands

Australia vs Indonesia (2017)

Norway vs Sweden (2017)

US Navy vs Chinese Navy (PLAN) – Strategy & Numbers (2014-2017)

UK vs China: Aircraft carrier comparison

Kirov Battlecruiser vs Burke Destroyer

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