Unsterbliche Geliebte – Válisblot – Lupercalia 2020


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FØROYAR | The Faroe Islands (The Nordic Serenity of my Betrothed’s Homeland).

German Black Forest (The Mythic Wilds of my Fatherland).


  1. HARTKUNST: What we seek to Protect vs Misanthropic Fatalism
  2. S.Z.H. ODALGRUPPE – WESTEN: Future Short-term & Long-term planning.
  3. Wild Heart & The Citadel: Lofty Idealism, Real Obstacles & Practical Suggestions.
  4. Closing: Looming threats & operational security in the new era of subversion.
  5. Supplemental content index I – V (Comment Section ~ In the coming days).

There are those who spend their time preaching & then there are those who actively contribute to the European cause; Those who love to Europe & want to see it prosper as opposed to those who’d like to see it fall. My immortal beloved 1st dearest Natassja, next to her only Europa! Just like Beethoven & Josephine, Tristan & Isolde, Lancelot and Guinevere.

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  1. Seax · 11 Days Ago

    Sounds fun.

    But then I’m a sucker for any revival of indigenous European religion along Folkish lines.

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    • Viking Life Blog · 11 Days Ago

      Have you ever noticed, that American people really like to believe in something? It is my experience, that Danish people in general are fine with no believe, at all. I have never been religious, I just grew out of any idea of religion as a child and teenager.

      Do you think it have something to do with White Americans are a mix of Europeans and lacks the cohesion that they might have in North and West Europe and maybe even in Australia and New Zealand?

      Of cause, there are some culture and tradition to it.

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      • Seax · 11 Days Ago

        That’s a hard question. Depends on the kind of American.

        For your average American, religion used to be firmly entrenched. Early America’s oldest influences were Protestantism and French Enlightenment. It was culture. Both religious Protestantism and secular Enlightenment preached a search for meaning. Nowadays, Americans have the sense everything has higher meaning, but cannot imagine that meaning philosophically.

        Now, for men like me, there are many reasons to “believe.” One major reason is that our cultural trappings have been stripped away. Things like Asatru, Religio Romans can restructure society in a way individualism cannot. We have seen lawlessness and repulsive behaviour rise in strict correspondence with decaying transcendental values. Also, historically speaking, the historical epochs we respect most all have a specific ideology that empowered the people to be more than individuals.

        Also, our atheists are not what you’d call polite. I understand that European atheists can be pleasant, and tolerant. Here, they are as obnoxious as the worst religious zealots. And many people go to religion because they see how miserable atheists can be.

        Hopefully that helps.

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    • Viking Life Blog · 11 Days Ago

      Good point. My first thought is, that Denmark and the others are Protestant too.

      Agreed, “believe” in something is good to rebuilt and improve our people. Like Germany in the 30s.
      The problem at hand is, that we have to reset, as if (((culture marxism))) never happened. Even more so, than back then.

      Yes, atheists can be annoying like vegans and maybe even part of (((culture marxism))).
      Atheism, Agnosticism, Agnostic atheism, etc. are not really anything I think about, either. It can grow inside my if religious people push me, I just feel life is to short for those topics in general.
      I am not really that intrested in politics, it is all just pushed on me by (((globohomo))).

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      • Seax · 10 Days Ago


        Politics is fatiguing. Unraveling mysteries and understanding our place in the context of culture are things I’d rather do.

        And maybe enter Valhalla from being stabbed by a Polack with a narwhal tusk.

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  2. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · 10 Days Ago

    I am glad you enjoyed the post, as for Americans it varies greatly in terms of “heritage”, many Americans are completely rootless while others wish very badly to re-connect with their true homeland & racial/ethnic roots, this is more prevalent in recent years in fact considering that North America for the longest time held a very disconnected worldview which mainly stems from the Puritans who 1st settled the lands, this strong belief or longing more aptly is also regional where populations are for the most part homogeneous (I cannot speak for everyone) but those I meet do express it (the things people will say to you when they feel really comfortable around you).

    In my case I am a 1st generation American of North German (Hamburg) extraction, most Americans of German ethnic stock ceased speaking German & embracing their heritage due to over a century of Anti-German sentiment dating well back to the 1830s with the 1st major influx of German settlers (Mainly from Westphalia). These Anti-German attitudes only escalated with the onset of WW1 reaching it’s peak with WW2.

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    • Viking Life Blog · 10 Days Ago

      The severity of Anti-German attitudes are properly unique, even for White/Germanic Americans. I don’t think, that any other group have suffered as much. People properly feel alienated by immigrants and colored people in general, being pushed on them. That might make people wanting to re-connect even more.

      There are also movements that comes in waves like Scandinavism and Scandinavian mythology or trends like Viking revival and Pan-Germanism. I hope Germanic ethnonationalism will be the next big thing.

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      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · 10 Days Ago

        Germany has the Economic & Industrial advantage right now, they just need to re-awake the upward spirit of Wotan, which is a harder step considering years of Anti-German political strife (Civic-Nationalism) within the fatherland, This sentiment is primarily a *Berliner Effect* of course considering that Ethnic Germans of; Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria & Baden-Württemberg are in fact very proud their Heritage.

        Take for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu4P9OVz2do
        (Despite Ratatosk being on the TP bandwagon he makes very good points & I appreciate the refreshing insight).

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    • Viking Life Blog · 10 Days Ago

      I was thinking of USA and in general.
      Yes, Germany and its people have great potential and bad leadership. Nothing beats “Made in Germany”

      Interesting video. You already know my views on Polackistan, other wise he said a lot of good things.
      I am all for Germanic Unity.

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    • Seax · 10 Days Ago

      Not all Americans are entirely rootless. And the idea of the mongrel or Amerimutt meme is very often overplayed to demoralise us.

      I, for instance, have family records which take me back to the beginning of my family’s tenure in New England in the 1600s. Granted, I’m an exception, but what I notice in families with kept records is that subconscious breeding patterns were followed. And even with Americans who have “mixed” lineage, their phenotype is very often solid. Genetic studies show an Anglo and an Irish are split by only a thin margin on a blood test.

      That all said. The rootlessness is a horrible cultural imposition. And not one easily overcome. Especially when the (((education))) system has so bawdily disserviced the average American.

      Then you get this nonsense of anri-German bias. A good friend of mine was German, whose life was ruined by that wasted sentiment.

      At any rate. I like what you have to say. I’m going to be spending some time on your blog later on, here, reading.

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