Clown World 26

Hatefacts – Denmark

Anti-White American economist to Denmark: Open your borders for millions of refugees and earn a lot of money!

Scandinavian Airlines Posts Controversial Ad and Retract it After It Goes Viral

Pakistani male convicted of aggravated violence and rape against four-year-old girl: Avoids deportation.

Danish cuisine

Danish pastry



Child rapist’s head shoved down filthy toilet by other inmates

Abandoning your Family is BRAVE

Oswald Spengler: Germans & Englishmen

Black Violence Now Stains the Emerald Isle (Ireland)

Adopted African murders his white cuck parents

Federal Agent Gets Caught Sniffing 3 Year-Old-Girl’s PANTIES Fedophile Gets BUSTED on Nanny Cam

Lying for Israel: Why Nearly Everyone in Washington Does It

The Philippines has officially told the US that it is scrapping a security pact that allows US forces to train and take part in joint exercises there.

American Priorities

‘Anti-Ship Budget Seriousness’: US Navy Buying Hundreds of Missiles to Take on China’s Fleet

University of Virginia student says there are too many white people in Multicultural Student Center

The Most Widely Used Cooking Oil In The US Found To Cause Genetic Changes In The Brain.

Swastika Flag in Window of Maryland High School Prompts Liberal Outrage

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Guilty On All Extortion Charges

VIRUS PANIC Coronavirus – Cats and dogs ‘thrown from tower blocks’ in China after fake news rumours animals are causing spread.

Eat the Bat Soup BIGOT

Coronavirus: US and China FACE OFF

“Map Warfare”: How Chinese Maps Have Infiltrated the World

‘Anti-Ship Budget Seriousness’: US Navy Buying Hundreds of Missiles to Take on China’s Fleet

EXPERT: Coronavirus Outbreak “Just Beginning”

China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero

Are they preparing a new annexation? Russia has claimed its rights to Svalbard and insists that it is “not originally Norwegian territory”

Could Malaysian military conquer Fortress Singapore? (2020)

The Deadly Virus of Globalism

Honk Honkler & New Guy

Pan-European nationalism vs Ethnostate nationalism

NPC University – I Think We Should…..

Handy Guide: How Not to Do the Hate Speech

Frodi Midjord – Scandza Forum

The Nostalgia Trap

How to Use Nostalgia Positively

Battlegrounds – a guide to warfare

Unsterbliche Geliebte – Válisblot – Lupercalia 2020


The Death Cult

Our Cartoon President Season 3

Mr. Smith Gets Blackpilled

Zeppelin L23

Oswald Spengler: Germans & Englishmen

Police Probe Swastika Graffiti and Fire at German Restaurant

The Gepanzerter Mannschaftstransportwagen Kätzchen

The Last Days of the “Holocaust”

Best German WW2 General? Definitive Answer

Battle of the Seelow Heights 1945

Anniversary of Dresden firebombing

Rommel’s British Panzers

Apocalypse at Dresden: The Long Suppressed Story of the Worst Massacre in History

Jews Monetize Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Through Porn

Goldman Sachs to Refuse IPOs If All Directors Are White, Straight Men

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