Of Men and Media

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The manager of the Vermont Folk Troth made a point in a comment on my last entry that stuck with me. To the effect: using the mind to visit the morale of the past, or contemplate the future is necessary to survive in this world. To ask a man to face the daily world, unabated and with no reprieve is asking for a gradual descent into madness. Escapism is expected if not sometimes necessary sometimes to resist the evils of Midgard. Forgive the inadequacy of my paraphrasis. What stuck in me was not the truth or the wrongness of the thought, but more the level of tension around it that’s come about in the political arena. I have made the argument countless times before that (especially in America) life is pendular. Ideas swing to extremes, burn out, and fly the other way. The momentum prevents the overpowering majority of the…

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