1. germanicunity · February 22, 2020

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  2. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · February 22, 2020

    Not only did he get a life sentence but he just barely averted the death sentence, only by accepting the plea bargain; therefore accepting the labeled of “white-supremacist ~ far-right extremist having committing a hate crime” when in reality he was far from that. Now the rest of his life is over, very sadly and it wasn’t even his fault. On the flip-side highly dangerous Negroes & other degenerates can get out of prison in under a decade only to return to society with a bigger chip on their shoulder than before with a higher chance of committing even worse crime.

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    • Viking Life Blog · February 22, 2020

      Yeah, they really set an example out of him. 2 x life plus 419 years. I wonder what others have to do, to get that much.

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  3. Viking Life Blog · February 22, 2020


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