Lest We Forget

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Perhaps it was a week ago that my father gave me something. It is a book, called the “Log of Life.” Originally published in 1948. My father was born in 1956, so this is something my Grandfather had obviously kept in storage. The premise of the book was simple, it was a rubric of records, designed to accompany American parents on their journey of parenthood. Birth weight, first steps, for the youngling years, hobbies, friends (including a delightfully insensitive ‘foreign friends’ category with caricatures of Mongorians.) And on and on. The object principle is for the book to end with the target child having their own children and leaving the book as an heirloom. I can say no better than the book’s own introduction.

“’There is no place like home,” This is the thought that lends endearment to the scenes of our childhood and canopies of Heaven of our to-days…

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