Amazon whiffs big with silly Al Pacino Nazi-hunting series ‘Hunters’

Thanks to  The Tactical Hermit 

Hunters (2020 TV series).png

Created by David Weil, “Hunters” wants to be a thriller about “Nazis” trying to create a Fourth Reich in the summer of 1977 and the vigilantes who track them, but it also wants to view their activities through the simplistic, heroes-and-villains lens of a comic book. With star Al Pacino dispensing lines like, “You should read the Torah more. It’s the original comic book,” you know “Hunters” is headed for trouble. Weil and his executive producer Jordan Peele also throw in the occasional deranged fantasy musical sequence. Because the main subject is too heavy? Whatever the urge, the shifting tones and conflicting storytelling severely limit any chance for this series to thrill you, let alone keep your attention.

People wonder if we’re still living in the era of Peak TV.

NY Post


  1. The Tactical Hermit · February 22, 2020

    Yeah one wonders how Pacino went from The Irishman to this goofy dog turd of a series? Sad.🤬👎

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    • Viking Life Blog · February 22, 2020

      Yeah, but he have had his ups and downs before (mostly downs).


    • Seax · March 4, 2020

      I’m not sure but it might echo and know somebody with a big nose and small hat who knows too much about ficases.

      Liked by 1 person

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