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Somewhere along the line I encountered a piece of wisdom that stuck in me like a winter thorn. Rules are for people that need them. Its basic tier, the young might say. Perhaps. The old take it for granted. Rules are for people that need them. If I had to add my own wisdom, it would be that you need to lay a watchful eye on the ones who think they don’t need rules. One who thinks so highly of themselves, to be exempt from hierarchical demand, almost always has some glaring defect to hide from your watchful eye. (Libertarians.)

You know who had a lot of rules? Jews. The Old Testament had 614 Commandments, as I recall. However, when you supplicate the 614 with Gematria the actual number of taboos becomes 6 Gorillion. For the uninitiated, Gorillion is a unit of measurement that requires too many zeroes to be…

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