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As a boy they told me patience is a virtue. Now I’m a grown man, grumpy and tired. I don’t drive much, because patience is a virtue. Funny thing. I don’t hear much about patience anymore. Seems it was a canard, a cradle convenience. A bit like unicorns, Santa and easy living. A myth. No. I don’t drive much because I never really did master that fine art of patience. Neither, it seems, did many other people on the road.

As I begin to age, I’ve come to a singular conclusion. Driving is actually an excellent gauge for civic morality, which is poor. We know it is poor. Among Nationalists, pointing this out is a rite of passage. Ignoring what can be done to improve conditions while passing blame onto scapegoats is another rite of passage nobody likes to admit to. And, furthermore, if things worked like they did in…

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