October Jounal Thought



Im coming across allot of pagans bangin on about animism which seems to be due to wanting it to be an excuse for de-generative behaviour. Im vegan myself and druid of the old ways and see more spiritual honor/prowess among my animal friends then the wanttobes, but it does not mean Im going to string the chello like my cat does to lick my butt lol or that I will drug my self to gain illusions of spirituality because some critters drug themselves with mushrooms (critters who I still love by the way) I cant help feel pedlers of animism are either still being mislead or a misealding others. The root of nature based cultures is the preservation of their ethnicity ‘DNA’ and the desire to better oneslf and their own people. No form of degenerate bhaviour does this and such behaviours are being weaponized (example of…

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