1. vhallkrimvost · March 7

    For thousands of years folks normal social structure was a small group, nomadic hunter-gather tribe, or tribal chiefdom. Usually 100 individuals or less. Our forebears were heathens dwellers of the hinterland, on the heath, inhabiting uncultivated land. Foraging was the primary means of finding food. This means our forebears depended on whatever was laying around at the time. Since what might be laying around could be scarce, smaller groups would be easier to sustain. Kinship networks were well interwoven in society.

    With invasive agricultures population explosion and ensuing crowding/social strife kinship was overridden by legal codes. Agriculture is invasive, depleting resources to feed an ever expanding population.

    Permaculture follows the pathways of the ecosystem. Hunters and predators prevent herbivores from depleting midgards vegetation and both predators and prey in the natural ecosystem compete to grow more resilient. Civilizational comoforts domesticate folks into thralldom and the path of the nith.

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