Lithuanian burglar was sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a year and two months, the 39-year-old Lithuanian was already prohibited from staying in Denmark

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The burglary, committed by the 39-year-old Lithuanian with a co-offender, happened in a villa in Randers on Tuesday night. Unfortunately for the intruders, there was an alarm with a camera in the house, and the villa owner was suddenly notified of the break-in via an app on his mobile, where he could even see the thieves. The owner contacted the police, who immediately sent a patrol to the scene.

When the officers arrived at the villa, the 39-year-old man jumped out of a window and tried to run from the police. He was arrested and charged with burglary – the co-offender had escaped.

It soon emerged that the 39-year-old was not allowed to be in the country at all when he was sentenced in 2014 to six months in prison for several burglaries in East Jutland and subsequently was expelled with an entry ban.

Source: Politi DK

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

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