Major police operation – 27 arrested and greater amount of drugs seized

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In a major coordinated police operation on land and water, the Copenhagen Police have today arrested 27 people for smuggling a large amount of drugs.

It took place, among other things, in the waters off eastern Langeland, where a cargo ship under the Bahaman flag unloaded a batch of drugs for a smaller motorboat led by two foreign men.

In total, three men were arrested at Langeland. All three had contributed to the smuggling. A few hours later, the cargo ship was boarded south of Gedser and is currently being sailed to port where the crew will be arrested for involvement in smuggling.

Those arrested are being tried in the Court of Justice in Copenhagen on Sunday requesting closed doors.

“This is a major police operation that can only be carried out because of good cooperation with our Danish and international police colleagues. It is professional drug smugglers we have arrested, and at the same time we have prevented a large batch of drugs from hitting the Danish market. I don’t think it’s too much to say it’s been a good day today,” says the center manager of the Center for Special Investigation, Police Inspector Dannie Rise and continues.

“There is now a major investigation ahead, therefore the case can easily evolve and unfortunately we cannot go into more detail at this time,”” says Dannie Rise.

Source: Politi DK

All 27 arrested are foreigners from a variety of countries. Three people were arrested in Spodsbjerg, while 24 were arrested on a cargo ship.

Twenty-seven people are charged at the Copenhagen City Court for smuggling no less than 100 kilos of cocaine.

All those arrested are foreigners. The three men who took the cocaine and were arrested in Spodsbjerg are a 50-year-old man from Russia and two people from Latvia 41 and 44 years old.

The 24 arrested crew members from the cargo ship consist of 13 people from the Philippines, five people from Russia, three people from Latvia, two people from Ecuador, one from India, one from Poland and finally one from Ukraine. The defendants are aged 25 to 60 years.

Source: Politi DK

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

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