Martin Nyrop

Martin Nyrop (11 November 1849 – 18 May 1921) was a Danish architect.

Nyrop was born at Holmsland on JutlandDenmark. He attended Sorø Academy and completed his course of study at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1876. From 1881-83, he studied abroad under a scholarship. From 1883-93, he was an assistant to professor Hans Jørgen Holm. Nyrop was awarded the Grand Prix for design at the Exposition Universelle at Paris in 1900. In 1906, he became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and served as director of the Academy of Fine Arts for periods between 1908-18.

Nyrop designed the Copenhagen City Hall (1905) in National Romantic style and the majority of the buildings for the Nordic Industrial, Agricultural and Art Exhibition in Copenhagen (1888). 

Copenhagen City Hall, Copenhagen (1892–1905)

Oestre Gasvaerk - Copenhagen.jpg

Gasometer at Østre Gasværk, now the Gasværket Theatre, Copenhagen (1851)

Billedresultat for Bispebjerg Hospital

Bispebjerg HospitalBispebjerg, Copenhagen (1906–13)

Luther Kirken Copenhagen.jpg

Luther Church, Østerbro, Copenhagen (1913)

Vallekilde Folk High School, (gym from 1884, northern wing from 1907)

Elias Kirken Copenhagen 2.jpg

Eliaskirken, København (1905-08)

Stenderup Frimenighedskirke (1902-03)

Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster og BornholmJagtvej, København (1891-92)

[building on the left, behind bus stop]

Rytterhuset, Ndr. Strandvej 230, Ålsgårde

Brøndhuset til FraterbrøndenSorø Akademi (1912) [well building]

Sønderborghus, Løngang 1, Sønderborg (1912-13)

Nordic Exhibition Building 1888.jpg

Building for the Nordic Exhibition of 1888, Copenhagen (1886–88, demolished)


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Heinrich Wenck

Vilhelm Dahlerup

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Fortifications of Copenhagen

Kastellet and the Fortification Ring, Copenhagen, Denmark

Københavns Toldbod – Copenhagen Custom Tax Buildings

Københavns Frihavn – Copenhagen Freeport

Rosenborg Castle

Christiansborg Slot – Christiansborg Castle

Christiansborg Bunker

Amalienborg Palace

Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg City Hall / Command Central

Moltke’s Mansion

The Lur Blowers Monument

Copenhagen 1960s

Copenhagen, Denmark

Winter in Denmark


King of the hill: Elephants, elegance and 170 years of Carlsberg


Retired crane becomes luxury-retreat

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