Two men deported for life for drug smuggling

At a joint police and customs check at the border, authorities found a total of 3.9 kilos of ketamine and MDMA hidden in the boot of a car.

Demokratiske Republik Congos flag
The court in Sønderborg has today deported and sentenced two 20-year-old men to a total of eight years and nine months in prison for smuggling hard drugs.

The two, a Congolese and a ‘Dutch national’, were arrested on 15. oktober 2019, each of their vehicles taken out for inspection at Frøslev Border Crossing by the Special Police and Customs Unit.

Source: Politi DK

19-year-old male – from Congo and residing in the Netherlands was caught with three kilograms of ecstasy and 1 ½ kg of amphetamine at the Danish-German border

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