Devoutly Religious Ilhan Omar Marries Man She Was Cheating With

Salty Cracker

Salty Cracker

Somali Community Leader Confirms IIlhan Omar Married Brother

Ilhan Omar Finally Under Investigation By Feds

Ilhan Omar Accused of Being a PAID Agent of Qatar, Sold Top Secret Information

Was Ilhan Omar Caught In Antifa Riot Against Trump Supporters?

Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet Proving She Married Her Brother

Ilhan Omar Admits To Being Married To Her Brother In Leaked E-Mail

Ilhan Omar Says White Men Biggest Threat In America | Need To Be Profiled


  1. Seax · March 13, 2020

    The Somalis are repugnant. Very few Mainers want them here, beyond the shitlib town criers.

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    • Viking Life Blog · March 13, 2020

      We don’t want them either. There was a mainstream Danish politician who said they should be trown out of airplanes in the late 90s and here we are, with thousands if not ten thousands of them.

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      • Seax · March 13, 2020

        Nobody wants them. Funny that, Maine has had several politicians who argue similarly. And the story is the same.

        What a (((mystery))) this is.

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