Clown World 28

Now, with even more Corona Chan!

Two years in prison and deportation back to Bosnia

Two Romanian men broke into a construction market in Hune and stole expensive tools. A few days later, arrested in around Skive, suspected of burglary.

Lithuanian burglar was sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a year and two months, the 39-year-old Lithuanian was already prohibited from staying in Denmark.

Two men and one woman from Funen were convicted in a case of illegal import and sale of at least 55 puppies from Poland.

49-year-old Romanian sentenced to prison and deportation for trick theft, data fraud and theft.

Major police operation – 27 arrested and greater amount of drugs seized

South East Jutland Police seized a major consignment of hashish and arrested six men

44-year-old Colombian stopped with cocaine in luggage

English man died after stabbing at Christiania, Police are looking for Eastern European

12 years in prison and deportation for drug smuggling

Calls for perpetrators of rape in Vojens

34-year-old foreign male arrested in huge drug case

Campaign against Anti-White Racial Violence in Denmark

Danish Prisons Turn Overwhelmingly Islamic

Six foreigners arrested for thefts on construction sites

Martin Nyrop

Five young men convicted of robbery and aggravated assault at Brøndby Strand Station

Two men deported for life for drug smuggling

45-year-old Polack extradited and remanded in custody in major theft case

Værnemager 2020

All or Nothing

Denmark Closes Borders as Efforts to Fight Virus Escalated

Florida hospital worker accused of sucking patient’s toes

Feds Indict Satanic Death Cult Posing as White Nationalist Group “Atomwaffen” for “Domestic Terrorism”

Another Hate Hoax: Mississippi Man Who Reported Hateful, Racist Pro-Trump Graffiti on His Vehicles Is Arrested for Insurance Fraud.

Tennessee Man Ordered Removed to Germany Based on Service as SS Guard

TYT’s Cenk Uygur Breaks Down Over Super Tuesday Losses

Rape Charges Dropped Against Cops Who Admitted to Sex With Teen They Kidnapped

Here are all the times Joe Biden has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women and girls.

Ex-Google Employee Drops MASSIVE Red Pill on Toxic Diversity and the Progressive Agenda.

Democrats and Republicans Agree: It’s Time to Throw White People In Gulags

White Man Accused of “Vandalizing” Louisiana Synagogue with “Nazi Sentiments” Arrested, Oy Vey

Devoutly Religious Ilhan Omar Marries Man She Was Cheating With

No Bail in Virginia for a Texas National Socialist Who Wanted to Start Racial Holy War

UK Daily Mail Reports on Texas Kenyan Killer Case; Most US Media Continue Blackout

Government’s post-Brexit plan to let young EU migrants fill unskilled job vacancies

Watford child rapist assaulted kids as young as four in 13-year abuse

Meghan Markle Visits a School in England

UK to Ban Sonnenkrieg Division as a Terrorist Group

Introducing: The Irish Antifa Project

Australia Intelligence Chief Warns of “Neo-Nazi Threat”

Canada: London, Ontario Area “Nazi House” Being Demolished

BBC Anti-White Propaganda

NPC University – The Week After Super Tuesday

Belgium: “White People Not Welcome” Event to Be Held in Brussels this Month

TikTok swamped with videos of terror attack murders, Holocaust denials and vile racist slurs.

Asthma drug seems effective for COVID-19 pneumonia

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

Boxer Uprising – Why China declared War on “Everyone”

China Blames America for the Coronavirus Outbreak

“The Market Slump Is Just Beginning” – Covid-19 Is Not The Cause, It’s The Catalyst

Coronavirus update: Deaths top 4,000 worldwide, UK health minister tests positive, troops sent into New York exclusion zone.

Rivers of Garbage in Africa, Ghana

Requiem for Rhodesia

Understanding Poland and the Judeo-Slavic mindset

Which Countries Are the Biggest Boost or Drag on the EU Budget?

About NS-memes

Borders Are Natural: GPS Tracking Shows How Much Wolf Packs Avoid Each Other’s Range.

Angry Feminists Riot on International Women’s Day and Accidentally Firebomb Themselves.

Road Rules

October Jounal Thought

“Real Nationalism Explained with Ramzpaul”

Crimes against humanity

About believing and the “movement”

“The Market Slump Is Just Beginning” – Covid-19 Is Not The Cause, It’s The Catalyst

Dose of Truth

Værnemager 2020

Heim ins Reich – Pax Germania


Justizgebäude Reichenspergerplatz

Justizpalast (Nürnberg)

German researchers identify potential drug for Covid-19

The German Halftrack – Sd. Kfz. 251

Operation Eclipse 1945

Adolf Hitler Wrote an Opera, and the Manuscript is Now on Display in Austria

Dieppe 1942 – Slaughter on the Shingle

DNA ties Ashkenazi Jews to group of just 330 people from Middle Ages

Understanding Poland and the Judeo-Slavic mindset

Poland: Paradise for Jews!

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