Belgium: Surgical Masks Ordered for Migrants but Not Belgians

The Belgian government ordered surgical masks for the Klein Kasteeltje center for asylum-seekers in Brussels a month ago, at the same time that it was telling Belgians that they only needed to wash their hands to protect themselves from COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

To deal with the emergency, last week the Belgian government placed an order for 5 million surgical masks from a company in Turkey that were supposed to be delivered by Sunday at the latest. In yet another government failure, the masks never arrived, and De Block admitted today that they had been defrauded by their Turkish supplier, and that chances were “minimal” that they would ever receive any, according to another report by SCEPTR.

Read more here from The Daily Archives


  1. Seax · March 17, 2020

    First: defrauded by Turks? Shocking.

    Second: not sure if Cucked or Based. I mean, based if Belgium is saying these people are so filthy they poison the air. But probably Cucked in that they know their new black asses will be rioting for masks if they don’t GIBz dem dat masks nugga.

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    • Viking Life Blog · March 17, 2020

      Yeah, I would never trust or have anything to do with a Turk.

      Yes, very likely cucked.

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      • Seax · March 17, 2020

        While I know and understand how you feel about the Greeks, Maine has a little Greek community. Sometimes I go to their little festival.

        Anyways. They *hate* Turks. Only time of year someone will casually tell me something has to be done about these Turks as I’m buying olives.

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    • Viking Life Blog · March 17, 2020

      Yes and no, they seems to get along here. Like Greek/Turkish restaurants etc., maybe it’s flaring up now, again. In Denmark non-Germanic people properly has a more us and them / parasite and host mentality.
      It’s normale for Eastern Europeans to live in the ghettoes with their Arabs and Africans equals, same with crime.

      About your other comment:
      It’s like a double edged sword, we always give colored people preferential treatment in Denmark.
      North and West Europe gives affirmative action to Greece, Portugal, Spain and Eastern Europe (and non-Germanic countries in general).
      Conclusion: Cultural Marxists and Globalists with Germanic background has a master-race view of Germanic people, they are seeing everybody else as subhumans.

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      • Seax · March 17, 2020

        Yeah. It’s a mixed bag.

        If there were Anglo festivals, I’d do that, but sadly Anglos have little self awareness. Even the flippin Irish gave up the Ghost. Only self aware folks are Greeks, Italians and then the Finns and Swedes way up north. Someday I want to go to the Midsomar they do.

        It might bring a smile to your face to know when I went to college, Dad gave me one advice: “don’t play cards with Greeks.”

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    • Viking Life Blog · March 17, 2020

      Stereotype might be politically incorrect, but that doesn’t mean stereotypes are not correct!

      Also, Norway celebrate its independence day (from Sverigestan, who stole Norway from Denmark after the last Napoleonic war peace deal), something most Germanic countries don’t have.

      Greeks, Italians and the Finns has similar “victimhood culture” to celebrate.

      Danes seems to care very little about (“Liberation Day”) the liberation of Denmark from Germany the 5th of May 1945.

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