Nebelwerfer – the German rocket artillery from World War 2 – is quite often mentioned, yet at the same time very little is known about them. This video covers the Nebeltruppe (Smoke Troops / Smoke Arm), 15-cm-Nebelwerfer 41, schwere Wurfgerät 40 and 41, Wurfrahmen 40, 28/32-cm Nebelwerfer 41, 21-cm-Nebelwerfer 42, 30-cm-Nebelwerfer 42, Panzerwerfer 42, 30 cm R-Werfer 56, 20 cm Leichter Ladungswerfer and
38 cm schwerer Ladungswerfer. Besides the general information on the Nebelwerfer themselves.

Nebelwerfer Tactics of the German Army in World War 2. Note that “Nebelwerfer” literally means “Fog Thrower”, a better translation would be rocket launcher. This video covers smoke tactics, high explosive tactics, tactics versus tanks and also tactics versus artillery. Additionally, we also look at a Nebelwerfer position layout.

Military History Visualized

Let us take a look at some experience reports from war-time reports and veterans about the usage of Nebelwerfers (German rocket artillery), their effects and various problems.

Military History not Visualized

Read about WWII here


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    Know Your World War II Weapons: The Nebelwerfer Rocket Launcher.


  4. Viking Life Blog · October 21


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