WHICH are the MOST CORRUPT countries in the WORLD?

When countries like Clown-Denmark are regarded as the best (least corrupt, most happy, etc.) , it goes to show how low the standard really is and how junkie-like the World and its people really are.

The topic starts after 1 minut, the video is about 15 minuts.

How can you measure corruption? Is there a way to know if one country is more or less corrupt than another? Transparency International is an organization that has been trying to answer those questions for more than 25 years. On January 23rd they released their latest annual report on corruption. In this video, we tell you about their findings.

VisualPolitik EN

Map showing countries/territories by Corruption Perceptions Index, 2019

The Germanic peoples shows the highest standard as usually!

Corruption Perceptions Index, 2018

Most of my readers gomes from USA, you share a 23th place with France.

Israel (most anti-White country) at number 35 with Brunei, Slovenia and Lithuania

Judeo-Slavic Polackistan (our Mexico) at 41 with Cyprus and Cape Verde

South Africa at number 70 with Romania, Suriname and Hungary

China-stan at number 80 with Morocco, India, Ghana and Benin

Zimbabwe (what used to be Rhodesia) at number 158 with Madagascar

Corruption Perceptions Index

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Nigeria & Russia

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    I’m shocked the US didn’t top the chart.

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