The Serpent's Loft

Human. Humanus. Those are Latin words, in case you’re very new to Romano-English. Mankind. Man. That is English. To be a man is to be human. We live in a time where it’s very easy to forget humanity. I’m a Nationalist. Perhaps I may sound like a turncoat for saying, but very few people come to this sphere of politics to discover their humanity. Some lose it. It’s not hard to imagine why, though perhaps not for the reasons you would think. You might think hatred drives us to Nationalism. Maybe for some. Not for me. Ah, but despite appearances, this isn’t why I’m writing this. My humanity is, in fact, quite intact. Nationalism aside.

It is too easy, if you are a Dissident of this stripe or that, to forget your humanity. It is easy to lose sight. The Prophet Nietzsche made very salient declarations on this, something to…

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